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Introduction to TCRET

Welcome to the Tusculum College Rubric Entry Tool (or T.C.R.E.T.) on-line site. This tool has been established to help facilitate the entry of your course assessments. Please use the Login section located in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to supply some basic information about the course you are providing assessments for as well as information about each student. Things you will need to have before beginning this process:

1. Your login name and password. (Please note: this login and password have been provided to you during the Faculty Workshop. If you have lost this information or have any issues logging in, please contact Ron McCallister at
2. The course name, number, and section number for which you are completing an assessment.
3. The student name.
4. The student ID number

This site is provided for your convenience to hopefully expedite the fulfillment of this requirement. Tusculum College will provide all faculty with data and research conclusions at the end of each academic year. This collection process should provide the institution with real-time tracking of our student’s proficiency in our competencies.

Please do not hesitate to make suggestions or recommendations on how this site can be modified to better meet your needs.

Competency Program


The mission of the Competency Program is to help students develop the skills and virtues that are essential to good citizenship. Tusculum College has identified writing, analytical reading, public speaking, critical analysis, mathematics, and computer literacy as the foundation competencies that students need to participate fully and effectively in public life. If the best interests of the individual and the community are to be served, these citizenship skills must be guided by a complementary set of citizenship virtues. The College has designated self-knowledge, civility, and the ethics of social responsibility as the virtue competencies.

The competencies are integrated into Tusculum College coursework so that knowledge, skills, and virtues are mutually supportive. As students progress through the curriculum, they become more proficient in their academic skills and more mindful of their practices of virtue. The scholarship, communication abilities, and personal values represented by the competencies enable Tusculum graduates to enhance their personal and professional lives and improve the lives of others in the communities they join.


Commons Program


The Commons is rooted in the republican tradition of responsible and virtuous citizenship that informs modern, pluralistic civil societies and in the Hebrew-Christian tradition, with its emphasis on compassion for others and respect for the dignity and worth of all persons.

The Commons is designed:

1. to be an integrated and coherent core curriculum that establishes intellectual common ground through a series of courses and experiences employing both theory and practice
2. to incorporate innovative pedagogies that will develop students' abilities as engaged learners in both the classroom and the community
3. to develop the knowledge, skills, perspectives, and practical wisdom crucial to effective citizenship. Most specifically, Tusculum seeks to graduate individuals who will become engaged in their communities in various ways and who will seek justice and the common good. TOP

Curent State of the System

While much of the work is going on behind the interface, we are now able to show some of the user interface to our system. While many changes will take place over the next few months, work continues to perfect this software. As always, please feel free to make suggestions on making this a useful tool.